The Library Stacks

The Library Stacks

I have longed for a book club where the members are actually reading the book and want to discuss the subject. I have attended meetings where people didn’t read the book and just want to hang out or go to the movies. That is called friendship. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t tease me under the pretense of book discussions. That is just heartbreaking for me.

We all live in an extended state of semi-isolation now and my hobbies have narrowed out of necessity. One thing that has remained constant is my love of reading. A book can teach you things, take you on adventures, sympathize with you and be your friend. Books I love are windows into my soul.

Here I am in my book club of one reading and writing about books that have found my way into my library stacks. I read a blog about a University Student’s reading list. She talked about each book and how it related to her studies and life in general. A Professor commented on one entry saying they always wondered how students felt about the book or list. I loved this idea and want to pursue a similar format and write about the whys of the book and ask questions no one can answer, just leave it in the air to ponder and think about.

Goodreads has encouraged me to set reading goals and push my skills. I have discovered genres that I never would have read 10 years ago. I track all my books so I don’t buy books I already own and offer suggestions to people who are looking for their next great read. In my mind this is about all the fantastic fiction out there, but with a few other genres thrown in as it moves me. My goal of 52 books for the year is almost complete. December 31 is still a few weeks away and here I am, thinking about extending my goal. Follow me on good reads to see where I am in real time and for book suggestions, but beware, I will not finish a book that doesn’t interest me. Life is too short for that nonsense, so I must list my rules for reading:

  • Stop reading terrible books
  • Read a great book more than once
  • Listening to a book counts as reading.

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